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This wiki is an alternative of the wiki provided by fon.

This is because their wiki was to restrictive. Your contributions in it became their property, and the others are not allowed to modify it elsewhere then on their wiki (CC-BY-NC-ND). Now their wiki is under CC-BY-SA, so not restrictive anymore.

As of 2012-05-03, the link to the wiki redirects to their faq (provided by zendesk), and the wiki is now old. It seem to be abandoned, fon preferring a more “professional” support over the “community” based approach.

I still keep this wiki because here I know where to find the essential (and more advanced) informations. The official wiki looks more like a commercial portal then a developer tool.


This wiki is mainly about la fonera 2.0(g) and la fonera 2.0n, and a bit about OpenWrt (since I use OpenWrt on the Fonera).

fonera 2.0(g)

The board name is FON2202. Since the fonera 2.0n is out, there is not much development on the fonera 2.0(g) anymore, even if they claim to maintain it.

to install OpenWRT on la fonera 2.0(g), have a look at this tutorial

fonera 2.0n

The board name is FON2303.


How to provide IPv6 using the SiXXS service.

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