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There are several ways the upgrade the router. The flashing itself only takes 5 min (instead of 20 min with FON2202).

There are two image flavors :

  • the normal (end user)
  • the DEV, which is the normal+ SSH

If you did not configured the fonera through the web interface, or skipped it, the default password of the web interface and SSH is admin.

automatic upgrade

the easiest is to use the web interface ( or http://fonera). Log in and you will arrive on the dashboard, go into in the applications. If there is a firmware upgrade, it will show a section. You then just need to press on “+

web interface

  1. download the latest firmware .tgz from FON : The obvious way would be to look into the LATEST folder, but it actually contains old images. Here the release sequence :
    1. Cheeky
    2. Elan
    3. Gari
  2. log on the web interface ( or http://fonera)
  3. go into Settings→System
  4. select and upload the downloaded .tgz image


If you have the developer image, you can access the fonera over SSH.

  • connect to the fonera. the password is the same then for the web interface (default : admin).
ssh root@
  • download the image (here Gari :
cd /tmp
wget -O fonera.img
  • flash
mtd -r write fonera.img image
  • here you then will have to reconfigure the fonera after flashing. The setting are only kept through the web interface/automatic.


source : fon wiki

FON2303 use the bootloader u-boot (FON2202 uses RedBoot)

If the fonera stopped working, is not accessible through the web interface or SSH, then there is still the restore option.

  • get the restore image
wget -O fonera.bin
  • get a TFTP client
sudo aptitude install tftp-hpa
  • to start the bootloader u-boot, hold the reset button while powering on. the POWER and USB LED will go on.
  • give your interface an IP in (no DHCP). fonera has IP
sudo ifconfig eth0
  • send the image
tftp -v -m binary -c put fonera.bin
  • wait for it to flash and restart. if the image is wrong, the USB LED will blink.
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